Oak Center Apartments

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Oak Center Apartments

Oakland, California

1601 Market Street

Due to its unrelenting increase in rents, the San Francisco Bay Area has been one of the most vulnerable low-income populations in the nation. For years, we have targeted this area for affordable housing rehabilitation and preservation. In 2016, we acquired Oak Center, a 77-unit multi-family community in Oakland, California. With an investment of $6 million, we were able to create a modern apartment complex with enhanced amenities and technology, where the residents can live peacefully without the fear of increasing rent for the next 55 years.


With enhanced community service rooms, new office space, computer room, high-speed wi-fi, and secured gating and security systems, Oak Center Apartments is an attractive community. We also refurbished the individual units with new flooring, windows, tiled bathrooms, energy-efficient dishwashers, new kitchens, and bathroom countertops. Through our extensive renovation efforts, including an upgraded facade, accessibility improvements, and overall enhancements, we have helped transform the Oak Center Apartment community.


This rehabilitation was a joint venture with Related Affordable. Together, our two companies transformed Oak Center into a modern apartment complex, with high-end amenities to be enjoyed by the families. We also partnered with the Foundation for Affordable Housing to provide needed services. We invested about $6 million into the project, and as a result, the residents will not face a rent increase for an additional 55 years. Public Support was provided by the Department of Housing and, Community Development, California Tax Credit Allocation Committee, California Debt Limit Allocation Committee. Financial support provided by WNC & Associates, Inc., Citi Bank, and Freddie Mac. Renovation and development support provided by Icon Builders, Residents, Related Management, City of Oakland Planning, Irwin Partners Architects, Partner Energy, and Cox Castle & Nicholson (HUD Counsel).

Sustainability Improvements

Social Programs

Our partner, The Foundation for Affordable Housing is dedicated to providing various classes for free for the residents. The classes include computer training including access to the internet, computer interactive learning, keyboarding skills, GED qualification classes, tax preparation guidance, English classes for non-English speakers, reading and writing classes, literacy programs, parenting classes, citizenship classes, health and wellness, and financial literacy classes.

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