Creativity. Performance. Purpose.

A Different Way To Home.

At CPP, it’s a different path to finding the right solution.

Helping enrich and enhance the communities and families we work with, it takes a distinct way of thinking; a creative mindset connected to a daring and unwavering vision. We propose big, bold and better solutions that build community and serve the greater good.

We know our purpose and perform with honesty and transparency.

CPP - Creativity / Performance / Purpose.

It’s a different way to home.

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Our Story

In 2004, Community Preservation Partners was established by our parent company, WNC & Associates, a national investor in affordable housing and community renewal initiatives. Since then, we have successfully acquired, developed and rehabilitated more than 11,000 affordable multi-family and senior housing units across the nation. 

From the very beginning, we’ve done things differently. We are more than a consultant or an investor. We are a true partner in every sense. By joining with leading nonprofits and strategic partners, we’re able to provide essential social services to residents, support neighborhood initiatives and transform multi-family affordable housing communities.  

Creativity, Performance, and Purpose are our core values and embody everything we do. Together they define A Different Way To Home for our amazing employees, partners and communities.


It takes a daring and creative mindset, unwavering in its vision, to see the standard approach isn’t always the best approach.


A true partner in every sense performs with honesty, transparency, and passion. We go past the obvious solution and reach out beyond expectation.


We know our purpose is to serve the greater good and create what matters most to everyone – a place to call home.

Meet the Executives

Affordable housing serves as the backbone to any community. These are our first responders, our educators, and our neighbors. Whether we are preserving affordability for young families or senior citizens, it is a privilege and professionally rewarding to help so many people
on a daily basis.

Join Our Team

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