Northgate Terrace Apartments

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Northgate Terrace Apartments

Oakland, California

550 24th Street

Northgate Terrace was purchased from the Graphic Communications Union in 2015, and we transformed it into a stunning landmark in the City of Oakland. With views of downtown as well as San Francisco Bay, the senior citizen residents of Northgate are currently enjoying new and revitalized amenities and a safer community following CPP's rehabilitation of the 201-unit high-rise tower. The almost $49 million project was funded with 4 percent tax credits and bonds, and more than $13.7 million went into the improvements to enrich the lives of the residents.


Creating an upgraded, secured, and healthy community was our goal for the Northgate Terrace. With upgraded amenities such as improved salon areas, game-room, community gardens, a wellness space, a new outdoor congregating space, and an outdoor fitness center, Northgate Terrace became an attractive community to live in. We secured the community with cameras, lighting, and gating while also seismic retrofitting the building to increase stability. To add a modern touch, the community was upgraded with a computer room, new appliances, countertops, cabinets inside the apartments, and faster elevators. The individual units were also updated with tiled bathrooms, new flooring, and windows. With a modern exterior facade, we elevated Northgate Terrace to a prosperous community.


We couldn't have accomplished any of this without the California Debt Limit Allocation Committee, California Tax Credit Allocation Committee, The California Statewide Communities Development Authority, U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, City of Oakland, Citibank, NA, WNC & Associates, Inc., Northgate Terrace Community Association, Graphic Communications Union Retirement Center, Northgate Terrace Service Coordinator, Northgate Terrace Maintenance Team, United Renovation Specialty Group, HKIT Architects, KPFF, Related Affordable and Related Management.

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