Morh 1 Apartments

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Morh 1 Apartments

Oakland, California

741 Filbert Street

In 2016, Community Preservation Partners (CPP) acquired Morh 1 Apartments, a 126-townhome community that was in need of infrastructural and aesthetic improvements. We made extensive repairs to the property and greatly upgraded the living conditions for the hundreds of residents who call Morh 1 their home.


We revitalized the Mohr 1 Apartments, with a brand-new exterior facade, walking paths updated floors and windows, and outdoor lighting thus giving a new life to the community. With the inclusion of barbecue areas, basketball courts, a computer room with Wi-fi connectivity, Mohr 1 apartments is a now desirable residential community.


This rehabilitation was a joint venture with Related Affordable. Together, the two companies transformed Morh 1 Apartments into a vibrant community. We invested $11.2 million into the project to ensure the rents will be kept below market rates for an additional 55 years. Additional support was provided by Foundation for Affordable Housing, Department of Housing and Community Development, California Tax Credit Allocation Committee, California Debt Limit Allocation Committee, WNC & Associates, Inc., Freddie Mac, Renovation Influencers Icon Builders, Residents, City of Oakland Planning, Irwin Partners Architects, Partner Energy, Partner Energy, Irwin Partners Architects, Icon Builders and Cox Castle & Nicholson (HUD & Project Counsel).

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