Miracle Terrace Apartments

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Miracle Terrace Apartments

Anaheim, CA

225 S. Western Avenue

Living in one of the nation’s most affluent regions was becoming a challenge to 200 low-income seniors from the Miracle Terrace Apartments in Orange County, CA. With the landlord’s HUD subsidies set to expire in 2019, the residents were especially vulnerable to losing their homes. Fortunately for everyone, in 2017 the 179-unit complex was purchased for $37.375 million by us through a joint venture with Jamboree Housing Corporation. In less than a year, the community was rehabilitated with $7.4 million in renovations and improvements. Most importantly, our residents will keep their homes thanks to a mix of credits and vouchers procured through a deal our development team struck with the Anaheim Housing Authority.


Together, we transformed the 45-year-old Miracle Terrace into a modern apartment community with accommodating amenities to be enjoyed by everyone. Each unit received a substantial make-over including new flooring, countertops, and energy-efficient appliances.


None of what we do could be accomplished alone. We’re incredibly fortunate and grateful to have Citi Community Capital, WNC & Associates, Irwin Partners Architects, United Renovation, FPI Management, and countless others help us create safe, modern, and convenient homes.

Sustainability Improvements

Social Programs

Our continued commitment to enhancing people’s lives includes the development and support of health and wellness programs, mobility and balance awareness, service coordination, and community events.

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