For property owners who simply want an exit strategy for their investment, CPP can purchase the property and interest from the existing owner.


Recapitalizing and re-syndicating properties can be a timely and costly measure, and owners may not want to risk the financial and working capital in structuring and closing these transactions. CPP takes on the financial risk for the owner, and navigates through the various regulations and state agencies, ensuring a successful transaction, giving a renovated and recapitalized asset to the owner.


Regulations and laws change frequently, and a transaction completed 15 years ago would not be able to go through the same process again. As consultant, CPP advises nationally on both 9% (conventionally financed) and 4% (tax-exempt bonds) low income housing tax credit developments. Providing detailed cost analysis, financial pro formas, debt and equity structuring and other services, CPP helps clients successfully develop and own multi-family affordable housing properties.