The Need for Speed: Well-Capitalized CPP Fights Deal Fatigue

Working on an affordable housing deal can become quite laborious for most investors and nonprofit owners. The regulations are vast, and with each layer of ownership and regulation comes more complexity. Cutting through this red tape can make the process drag on for many months, putting your project over budget and your investments at risk of default. This dangerous condition is known as “deal fatigue.”

At CPP we specialize in cutting through the red tape, closing deals quickly and serving communities in the timely manner they deserve.   Speed is our specialty, and deal fatigue is our sworn enemy.

Why is speed so important?

In the affordable housing rehabilitation business, going slow can lead to many problems, including:

  • Rising interest rates
  • Incurring charges in a changing regulatory environment
  • Loss of interest by other parties and stakeholders

Because CPP is extremely well-capitalized, we have the cash on hand to close deals quickly without waiting on lenders or other variables that could stall the acquisition and jeopardize the entire project. We’re also supported by a specialized transaction team, which has great experience in the affordable housing industry and a dedication to working closely with sellers of all sectors and sizes.