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December 2017 Blueprint: CPP Recognized for Work with Housing Authorities and Community Empowerment

Oct. 23, 2017     Affordable Housing Finance: $4.5M Rehabilitation Preserves Affordability for Families in Portland

Oct. 20, 2017     Real Estate News Television: CPP Completes Work on 68-unit Plaza Townhomes Community

Oct. 20, 2017     The Registry: Affordable Housing Rehabilitation Protects Affordability in Portland for 30 years 

Aug. 31, 2017     Globe Street: CPP Bay Area Properties to have Below-Market Rates for 55 Years

Aug. 29, 2017     Western Real Estate Business: $30.5M Silicon Valley Rehabilitation Completed by CPP 

Aug. 24, 2017     The Registry: CPP Completes Dual Bay Area Rehabilitations totaling $87M

Aug. 24, 2017     Real Estate News Television: CPP Completes Multiple Rehabilitations in San Jose, Calif., Preserving Affordability and Providing New Amenities

June 13, 2017     The Desert Sun: $7M Rehabilitation Will Add Playground, WiFi and Other Improvements to 88 Units in Coachella Valley

April 17, 2017    Affordable Housing Finance: CPP Ranks Third in the Nation for Rehabilitation and Completions 

April 13, 2017    Multi-Housing News: CPP Redevelopment Marks the Biggest Tax Credit in Indio, Calif. 

April 12, 2017    Real Estate News Television: $73M Rehabilitation will Enhance Quality of Life for 1,000 Residents

March 2017       Western Real Estate Business:  As Rents Soar in the Bay Area and Portland, CPP Works to Keep Seniors in their Homes

Feb. 21, 2017     NMG Newspaper Media Group: Low-income housing likely won’t affect your property’s value – here’s why

Feb. 1, 2017       Globe Street: CPP President Anand Kannan Discusses the Challenges of Preserving Affordability in Affluent Markets

Jan. 30, 2017     Senior Housing News: Affordability Preserved at 179 Homes by CPP in Anaheim Joint Venture

Jan. 27, 2017     Builder & Developer: CPP Closes $54M Senior Affordable Housing Rehabilitation Transaction

Jan. 19, 2017      Commercial Construction & Renovation: CPP Plans Affordable Housing Rehabilitation at Miracle Terrace Apartments

Jan. 13, 2017      Real Estate News Television: Joint Venture in Anaheim Keeps Residents in their Homes 

Jan. 13, 2017       CoStar: CPP Prevents Hundreds from Being Priced Out of their Homes in $54M Affordable Housing Rehabilitation Deal

Dec. 21, 2016      The Desert Sun: Cathedral City senior apartments to remain affordable through 2071

Dec. 20, 2016     REBusiness Online: CPP Buys Buys 280-Unit Affordable Housing Development in California

Dec. 20, 2016     Multi-Housing News: Community Preservation Partners Invests $11M into USDA Senior Housing Project 

Dec. 20 2016      Western Real Estate Business: CPP Makes Biggest Acquisition To Date with 280-unit Transaction

Dec. 19, 2016      Senior Housing Business: Cathedral City Seniors To Benefit from $11M Rehab from Community Preservation Partners

Dec. 19, 2016      Good Call: CPP Calls on Affordable Housing Community to Step Up and Support College-bound Students Secure Financial Aid

Dec. 15, 2016      Affordable Housing Finance: CPP Sets USDA Record with Cathedral City Rehab

Dec. 9, 2016        Globe Street: Anand Kannan Discusses Affordable Housing Industry after Winning AHF Honor

Nov. 1, 2016        Solar Daily: CPP, SolarCity Deal Keeps Colton, Calif., Community Affordable and Sustainable

Oct. 28, 2016       Commercial Real Estate Direct: West Coast Affordable-Housing Specialist Eyes Eastward Expansion

Oct. 24, 2016       Real Estate News Television: CPP Agrees to Below-Market Lease with SolarCity for Solar Power Installation

Oct. 12, 2016       Affordable Housing Finance: CPP President Anand Kannan Honored as 2016 Young Leader

Oct. 9, 2016         Portland Business Tribune: Plaza Townhomes Marks First Oregon Deal for CPP

Sept. 6, 2016       The Registry: CPP Closes on $16.5 Million Housing Authority Deal

Sept. 2, 2016       Multi-Housing News: CPP Adds New State to its Growing Affordable Housing Portfolio

Aug. 31, 2016      Real Estate News Television: Community Preservation Partners Buys Portland Townhomes

Aug. 31, 2016      Portland Business Journal: Housing Authority Deal Marks CPP’s First Foray into Oregon Market

Aug. 30, 2016     Affordable Housing Finance: CPP President Anand Kannan Named  “Young Leader” of 2016

Aug. 3, 2016        Multi-Housing News: CPP Supports Affordable Housing in Bay Area where Rents Grow by Double-Digit Margins

Aug. 2, 2016        Affordable Housing Finance: $53 Million Deal Preserves Housing in San Jose, Calif.

Aug. 2, 2016        Globe St.: Joint Venture Ensures Affordability For 55 Years

July 29, 2016       The Registry: CPP Closes $53MM Deal to Rehabilitate Homes, Protect Affordability in San Jose

July 28, 2016       Real Estate News Television: $53M Joint Venture to Rehabilitate and Maintain Affordable Housing Community in San Jose

July 28, 2016       REBusinessOnline: CPP, Jamboree Purchase Monte Vista Gardens Apartments in San Jose

July 1, 2016         Multi-Housing News: CPP’s Latest Bay Area Rehab $30K/Unit Higher Than Industry Average

June 25, 2016     The Registry: $25M Affordable Housing Rehabilitation To Stabilize Vulnerable San Jose Rents 

June 24, 2016      Real Estate News Television: CPP to Maintain Affordability at 81 San Jose Homes for Next 55 Years

June 11, 2016      Multi-Housing News: CPP’s Project in Oakland Ranks among the Industry’s “Most Notable” Transaction for March-April 

May 27, 2016      Globe St.: JV with Related will Preserve Bay Area Affordability for Next 55 Years

May 16, 2016      Multi-Housing News: CPP Begins Renovations on 205 Affordable Housing Units in Sunland Park and Anthony

May 13, 2016      Real Estate News Television: Six New Mexico Properties to be Rehabilitated by CPP in Deal with US Department of Agriculture 

May 9, 2016        North American Procurement Council: Community Preservation Partners Begins Renovation on 205 Affordable New Mexico Homes

April 21, 2016     The Mercury News: West Oakland Low-Income Housing to Get Upgrades

April 18, 2016     Affordable Housing Finance: CPP Named Top 10 Company Completing Acquisitions in 2015

April 7, 2016       Bisnow: Community Preservation Partners Marks Largest Deal with Multi-Family Buy

March 30, 2016  CoStar: $119 Million Joint Venture Continues Fight to Preserve Affordable Housing in Oakland

March 30, 2016  The Registry: CPP Invests $119M for Two Oakland Properties, Plans $17M in Renovations

March 30, 2016  Affordable Housing Finance: CPP Closes its Biggest Deal Ever

March 17, 2016  The Desert Sun: Coachella Valley Affordable Housing to Be Renovated, Preserved

Feb. 25, 2016     Los Angeles Times/Daily Pilot: $14 Million Affordable Housing Rehabilitation Project to Start in 2017

Feb. 24, 2016     Globe St.: CPP Brings Resident Services to Southern California

Feb. 24, 2016     Affordable Housing Finance: $68 Million Acquisition Closes in Southern California

Feb. 12, 2016     Real Estate News Television: CPP Preserves Affordability in Indio, CA

Feb. 10, 2014     Multi-Housing News: Q&A with Anand Kannan, President of CPP

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