Press Releases

Aug. 6, 2020        Community Preservation Partners, L&M Development Announce $123M Rehabilitation of First New Jersey Development

June 30, 2020    Community Preservation Partners Completes $24.5M Affordable Housing Rehabilitation in Potsdam, N.Y.

April 28, 2020    Community Preservation Partners Announces $26.3 Million Affordable Housing Rehabilitation in Montana

March 24, 2020 Community Preservation Partners Completes Company’s Largest Affordable Housing Rehabilitation

Feb. 25, 2020     Torrance Community to Benefit from $105M Joint Venture with Jonathan Rose Companies

Jan. 28, 2020      Community Preservation Partners to Lead $52.5M Pennsylvania Senior Housing Rehabilitation

Jan. 13, 2020      Community Preservation Partners Reaches $2B in Total Affordable Housing Investments

Dec. 19, 2019      West Covina Rehab to Extend Affordability in Southern California for Decades to Come

Oct. 29, 2019      CPP Sets 438-Homes Affordable Housing Rehabilitation in New Mexico

Oct. 15, 2019       CPP Completes $41.5M Affordable Housing Project in Rochester, N.Y.

Aug. 27, 2019      Community Preservation Partners Plans $22.6M Rehabilitation in Its First Affordable Housing Project in Colorado

Aug. 23, 2019      CPP Announces $24.5 Million Acquisition, Rehabilitation of Potsdam, N.Y., Community

Aug. 14, 2019      Community Preservation Partners Welcomes New Director of Acquisition Finance

July 24, 2019       Community Preservation Partners Closes Financing on Five Communities on Southern California Border

July 16, 2019        CPP Completes $14.3M Rehabilitation of Utah Affordable Housing Communities

May 22, 2019       Community Preservation Partners Renovates 48 Affordable Housing Units in Los Angeles

May 3, 2019          CPP Completes $35.6M Rehabilitation of 140-unit Affordable Housing Community in Antelope, Calif.

Feb. 26, 2019        Community Preservation Partners Acquires Second Affordable Housing Community in Virginia

Jan. 10, 2019        John Fraser Joins CPP East as New Senior Project Manager, Based in Virginia 

Dec. 4, 2018          In Rochester, N.Y., 2nd Rehabilitation Project Added to CPP Eastern Portfolio

June 5, 2018         CPP Closes $14M Affordable Housing Deal, Plans Rehabilitation of 2 Utah Communities

May 31, 2018        Experienced Affordable Housing VP, Michael Snowdon, Joins Community Preservation Partners

Feb. 2, 2018          Affordable Housing Acquisition in Richmond, Va., Launches Growth Initiative in Eastern U.S.

Jan. 23, 2018        Community Preservation Partners Passes $1 Billion in Total Affordable Housing Investment

Oct. 17, 2017         CPP Completes First Rehabilitation in Pacific Northwest with $4.5M Invested in Portland,  Ore.

Aug. 22, 2017        CPP Completes Dual Rehabilitations in San Jose, Preserving Affordability in the Silicon Valley

May 19, 2017         CPP Acquires Second Property in Indio, Calif., to Invest $21M in the Coachella Valley

April 11, 2017        Construction Commences at 268-unit multi-family Summer Field Apartments in Indio, Calif.

Jan. 12, 2017         Anaheim’s Miracle Terrace Residents Saved from Rent Increases through CPP Deal

Dec. 14, 2016        CPP’s Cathedral City Acquisition Marks Largest Deal in History of USDA Program

Oct. 20, 2016        CPP, SolarCity Deal Keeps Colton, Calif., Community Affordable and Sustainable

Aug. 30, 2016      Plaza Townhomes Acquisition Marks CPP’s Entry into Oregon Affordability Market

July 27, 2016        CPP Closes $53M Deal to Rehabilitate Homes, Protect Affordability in San Jose

June 9, 2016        Affordability Preserved in San Jose for 55 Years under CPP Rehabilitation Plan

May 4, 2016         CPP To Rehabilitate 205 Homes, Preserve Affordability in Southern New Mexico

March 24, 2016   JV Preserves Housing, Protects Affordability in Vulnerable San Francisco Bay Area

Feb. 10, 2016      CPP Acquires Summer Field Apartments in Indio, CA as Part of $68M Transaction

CPP in the news

Aug. 7, 2020        CoStar: Community Preservation Partners Undertakes $123 Million Rehab of New Jersey Complex

Aug. 7, 2020       Real Estate NJ: CPP, L+M Launch $123 Million Rehab of East Orange Senior Housing Complex

July 1, 2020         NorthCounty Now: $24.5M Rehabilitation of Lawrence Avenue Apartments in Potsdam now complete

May 26, 2020     Affordable Housing Finance: Community Preservation Partners Announces $26.3 Million Rehabilitation in Montana

May 26, 2020     RENTV: CPP Undertakes $26 Million Affordable Housing Rehabilitation Project in Montana

May 20, 2020     GlobeSt.: Developers Try New Affordable Housing Strategies During Pandemic

April 8, 2020       The Business Chalkboard Podcast: Impact of COVID-19 on the Affordable Housing Industry

April 6, 2020       LABJ: Torrance Site Sells for $74 Million

March 25, 2020   RENTV: Community Preservation Partners Completes Work on 700-unit Affordable Housing Project in San Jose

March 24, 2020  Bisnow: $420M Revamp of Huge Bay Area Affordable Housing Complex Completed

March 24, 2020  IREI: CPP Completes $420M Affordable Housing Project

March 16, 2020   GlobeSt.: Community Preservation Partners Undertakes Major Renovation in Torrance

Feb. 27, 2020      RENTV: CPP and Jonathan Rose Companies Acquire 180-unit Affordable Housing Community in Torrance

Feb. 26, 2020     TheRealDeal: CPP and Jonathan Rose Companies Team Up With Torrance Senior Housing Complex

Feb. 27, 2020      Commercial Observer: Renovations Begin at 180-unit Senior Housing Complex in Los Angeles County

Feb. 21, 2020      Greene County Messenger:  $52.5M Rehabilitation to Enrich Lives in Western Pennsylvania

Jan. 24, 2020      Globe Street: CPP Hits $2B Milestone in Nationwide Community Investment

Dec. 30, 2019     San Gabriel Valley Tribune: Project Ensures Homes Remain Affordable as Policies Threaten Development 

Dec. 20, 2019     Institutional Real Estate Inc.: Community Preservation Partners To Invest $52M in West Covina

Oct. 9, 2019        Rochester Business Journal: CPP and Cornerstone Join Forces to Re-Create Affordable Community

Oct. 2, 2019        Globe Street: How Lenders Are Supporting Affordable Housing Construction

Oct. 1, 2019        Globe Street: Denver Battles Housing Affordability

Sept. 3, 2019      Construction Today: To Rehab or Not?

Aug. 28, 2019     RENTV: CPP Acquires CO Affordable Housing Property with Plans for Extensive Renovation Work

Aug. 1, 2019        Affordable Housing Finance: CPP to Rehab Five Communities on Southern California Border

May 24, 2019      Multi-Housing News: CPP Finishes Rehab on 90-Year-Old Los Angeles Units

May 8, 2019        Multi-Housing News: Major Renovation in Sacramento Area Completed by CPP

May 7, 2019        RENTV: CPP Completes 140-unit Antelope Rehabilitation

May 7, 2019         ReBusiness Online: CPP Completes $35.6M Rehabilitation of Affordable Housing Community in Antelope, Calif.

April 11, 2019       Affordable Housing Finance: CPP cracks Top 10 in nation for most affordable housing acquisitions in 2018

March 1, 2019       The River (WZRV): CPP Announces Purchase and Renovations for Royal Arms apartments in Virginia

Feb. 28, 2019        The Registry: CPP Buys Downtown San Jose’s Lenzen Square, Plans $20M Rehab

Feb. 27, 2019        Multi-Housing News: CPP plans $23M rehabilitation as its second Virginia project

Feb. 15, 2019        Multi-Housing News: CPP’s John Fraser Offers Insight to Boston’s Affordable Housing Market

Jan. 3, 2019          Affordable Housing Finance: Rehab to Serve as “Catalyst” for Rochester Community

Dec. 12, 2018       Rochester Business Journal: Cedarwood Towers undergoing major renovation

Dec. 10, 2018       Commercial Construction & Renovation: CPP Begins Rehabilitation Project in Rochester, N.Y.

Nov. 6, 2018        Globe Street: CPP Named National “Influencer” in Multifamily by Real Estate Forum

Sept. 25, 2018      SoCal Real Estate: CPP Welcomes VP, Asset Management, Michael Snowdon

Aug. 21, 2018       NBC12: Inside Look at the Much-Anticipated Renovation’s at Richmond’s Belt Atlantic Community

Aug. 7, 2018         Novogradac: Local Resources Play Oversized Role in 4 Percent LIHTC Deals

Aug. 1, 2018         Richmond Times-Dispatch: Construction Begins in High-Profile Belt Atlantic Make-Over

July 24, 2018       Affordable Housing News: Partnership between CPP and Jones Lang LaSalle Extends Affordability in Indio, Calif.

June 7, 2018         Affordable Housing Finance: CPP Acquires, Expands Affordability at Utah Properties

June 6, 2018         REBusiness Online: CPP Closes $14.3M Deal for Two Affordable Housing Communities

June 6, 2018         Multi-Housing News: CPP Buys Two Salt Lake City-Area Affordable Properties

April 16, 2018       San Diego Business Journal: CPP Partners with National Community Renaissance for Five Projects in San Diego

April 12, 2018      Affordable Housing Finance: CPP Places in Top 10 for Most ‘Substantial Rehabs” in the Nation

March 2018          Site Selection: With highest rent increases in the nation, San Jose receives affordable housing investment 

March 15, 2018   Multi-Housing News: CPP to Rebrand Virginia Property in $9.7 Million Upgrade

March 15, 2018   Affordable Housing Finance: CPP Pushes East with Major Acquisition, Planned Rehab in Virginia

Feb. 9, 2018       Richmond Times-Dispatch: CPP Vice President Seth Gellis Discusses Long-Term Commitment to Midlothian Village Apartment Rehabilitation Project

Feb. 8, 2018       NBC12: CPP Expands Affordable Housing Solutions to Richmond, VA

Feb. 7, 2018       Globe Street: CPP President Anand Kannan Talks Investing in Affordable Housing Rehabilitation

Feb. 1, 2018       Affordable Housing Finance: CPP Passes $1 Billion in Housing Investments

December 2017 Blueprint: CPP Recognized for Work with Housing Authorities and Community Empowerment

Oct. 23, 2017     Affordable Housing Finance: $4.5M Rehabilitation Preserves Affordability for Families in Portland

Oct. 20, 2017     Real Estate News Television: CPP Completes Work on 68-unit Plaza Townhomes Community

Oct. 20, 2017     The Registry: Affordable Housing Rehabilitation Protects Affordability in Portland for 30 years 

Aug. 31, 2017     Globe Street: CPP Bay Area Properties to have Below-Market Rates for 55 Years

Aug. 29, 2017     Western Real Estate Business: $30.5M Silicon Valley Rehabilitation Completed by CPP 

Aug. 24, 2017     The Registry: CPP Completes Dual Bay Area Rehabilitations totaling $87M

Aug. 24, 2017     Real Estate News Television: CPP Completes Multiple Rehabilitations in San Jose, Calif., Preserving Affordability and Providing New Amenities

June 13, 2017     The Desert Sun: $7M Rehabilitation Will Add Playground, WiFi and Other Improvements to 88 Units in Coachella Valley

April 17, 2017    Affordable Housing Finance: CPP Ranks Third in the Nation for Rehabilitation and Completions 

April 13, 2017    Multi-Housing News: CPP Redevelopment Marks the Biggest Tax Credit in Indio, Calif. 

April 12, 2017    Real Estate News Television: $73M Rehabilitation will Enhance Quality of Life for 1,000 Residents

March 2017       Western Real Estate Business:  As Rents Soar in the Bay Area and Portland, CPP Works to Keep Seniors in their Homes

Feb. 21, 2017     NMG Newspaper Media Group: Low-income housing likely won’t affect your property’s value – here’s why

Feb. 1, 2017       Globe Street: CPP President Anand Kannan Discusses the Challenges of Preserving Affordability in Affluent Markets

Jan. 30, 2017     Senior Housing News: Affordability Preserved at 179 Homes by CPP in Anaheim Joint Venture

Jan. 27, 2017     Builder & Developer: CPP Closes $54M Senior Affordable Housing Rehabilitation Transaction

Jan. 19, 2017      Commercial Construction & Renovation: CPP Plans Affordable Housing Rehabilitation at Miracle Terrace Apartments

Jan. 13, 2017      Real Estate News Television: Joint Venture in Anaheim Keeps Residents in their Homes 

Jan. 13, 2017       CoStar: CPP Prevents Hundreds from Being Priced Out of their Homes in $54M Affordable Housing Rehabilitation Deal

Dec. 21, 2016      The Desert Sun: Cathedral City senior apartments to remain affordable through 2071

Dec. 20, 2016     REBusiness Online: CPP Buys Buys 280-Unit Affordable Housing Development in California

Dec. 20, 2016     Multi-Housing News: Community Preservation Partners Invests $11M into USDA Senior Housing Project 

Dec. 20 2016      Western Real Estate Business: CPP Makes Biggest Acquisition To Date with 280-unit Transaction

Dec. 19, 2016      Senior Housing Business: Cathedral City Seniors To Benefit from $11M Rehab from Community Preservation Partners

Dec. 19, 2016      Good Call: CPP Calls on Affordable Housing Community to Step Up and Support College-bound Students Secure Financial Aid

Dec. 15, 2016      Affordable Housing Finance: CPP Sets USDA Record with Cathedral City Rehab

Dec. 9, 2016        Globe Street: Anand Kannan Discusses Affordable Housing Industry after Winning AHF Honor

Nov. 1, 2016        Solar Daily: CPP, SolarCity Deal Keeps Colton, Calif., Community Affordable and Sustainable

Oct. 28, 2016       Commercial Real Estate Direct: West Coast Affordable-Housing Specialist Eyes Eastward Expansion

Oct. 24, 2016       Real Estate News Television: CPP Agrees to Below-Market Lease with SolarCity for Solar Power Installation

Oct. 12, 2016       Affordable Housing Finance: CPP President Anand Kannan Honored as 2016 Young Leader

Oct. 9, 2016         Portland Business Tribune: Plaza Townhomes Marks First Oregon Deal for CPP

Sept. 6, 2016       The Registry: CPP Closes on $16.5 Million Housing Authority Deal

Sept. 2, 2016       Multi-Housing News: CPP Adds New State to its Growing Affordable Housing Portfolio

Aug. 31, 2016      Real Estate News Television: Community Preservation Partners Buys Portland Townhomes

Aug. 31, 2016      Portland Business Journal: Housing Authority Deal Marks CPP’s First Foray into Oregon Market

Aug. 30, 2016     Affordable Housing Finance: CPP President Anand Kannan Named  “Young Leader” of 2016

Aug. 3, 2016        Multi-Housing News: CPP Supports Affordable Housing in Bay Area where Rents Grow by Double-Digit Margins

Aug. 2, 2016        Affordable Housing Finance: $53 Million Deal Preserves Housing in San Jose, Calif.

Aug. 2, 2016        Globe St.: Joint Venture Ensures Affordability For 55 Years

July 29, 2016       The Registry: CPP Closes $53MM Deal to Rehabilitate Homes, Protect Affordability in San Jose

July 28, 2016       Real Estate News Television: $53M Joint Venture to Rehabilitate and Maintain Affordable Housing Community in San Jose

July 28, 2016       REBusinessOnline: CPP, Jamboree Purchase Monte Vista Gardens Apartments in San Jose

July 1, 2016         Multi-Housing News: CPP’s Latest Bay Area Rehab $30K/Unit Higher Than Industry Average

June 25, 2016     The Registry: $25M Affordable Housing Rehabilitation To Stabilize Vulnerable San Jose Rents 

June 24, 2016      Real Estate News Television: CPP to Maintain Affordability at 81 San Jose Homes for Next 55 Years

June 11, 2016      Multi-Housing News: CPP’s Project in Oakland Ranks among the Industry’s “Most Notable” Transaction for March-April 

May 27, 2016      Globe St.: JV with Related will Preserve Bay Area Affordability for Next 55 Years

May 16, 2016      Multi-Housing News: CPP Begins Renovations on 205 Affordable Housing Units in Sunland Park and Anthony

May 13, 2016      Real Estate News Television: Six New Mexico Properties to be Rehabilitated by CPP in Deal with US Department of Agriculture 

May 9, 2016        North American Procurement Council: Community Preservation Partners Begins Renovation on 205 Affordable New Mexico Homes

April 21, 2016     The Mercury News: West Oakland Low-Income Housing to Get Upgrades

April 18, 2016     Affordable Housing Finance: CPP Named Top 10 Company Completing Acquisitions in 2015

April 7, 2016       Bisnow: Community Preservation Partners Marks Largest Deal with Multi-Family Buy

March 30, 2016  CoStar: $119 Million Joint Venture Continues Fight to Preserve Affordable Housing in Oakland

March 30, 2016  The Registry: CPP Invests $119M for Two Oakland Properties, Plans $17M in Renovations

March 30, 2016  Affordable Housing Finance: CPP Closes its Biggest Deal Ever

March 17, 2016  The Desert Sun: Coachella Valley Affordable Housing to Be Renovated, Preserved

Feb. 25, 2016     Los Angeles Times/Daily Pilot: $14 Million Affordable Housing Rehabilitation Project to Start in 2017

Feb. 24, 2016     Globe St.: CPP Brings Resident Services to Southern California

Feb. 24, 2016     Affordable Housing Finance: $68 Million Acquisition Closes in Southern California

Feb. 12, 2016     Real Estate News Television: CPP Preserves Affordability in Indio, CA

Feb. 10, 2014     Multi-Housing News: Q&A with Anand Kannan, President of CPP

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