Impact on the Environment

Community Preservation Partners is dedicated to creating a more sustainable future. We improve affordable housing communities so they can run on renewable energy sources and save the tenants’ hard-earned money – all while creating local green jobs.

In addition to many other green initiatives, these improvements can include the installation of solar panels, which generate electricity at a much more affordable and sustainable manner than burning pollution-causing fossil fuels. By going solar, our tenants get to enjoy a cleaner and greener property and have money left over that would have previously gone to the power company.

One of our sustainability environmentally friendly projects in California earned a state environmental sustainability award. In 2014, CPP’s work on Coral Wood Court Apartments in Reseda, Calif., enabled low-income Reseda residents to use renewable energy and reduce their energy costs. This financed system uses price-indexed energy to guarantee energy savings to the host low-income housing community, versus standard utility rates. The system is expected to save more than $175,000 over 30 years.

In 2016, CPP’s partnership with Solar City brought renewable energy solutions to Arbor Terrace residents in Colton, Calif. The 129-unit affordable-housing community had an underutilized 2.2-acre parcel next to it, which was developed as a solar farm.

To learn more about CPP’s sustainability initiatives, contact Anand Kannan at 949.236.8278.

Orangewood Court Solar panels - Sherman Oaks