Impact on our Residents

For multi-family dwelling owners, properties are more than just investments. They’re sources of pride for which they are held accountable by their lenders, business partners and the people who live there.We understand this dynamic, and are committed to providing a positive resident experience at our client communities. After all, for these tenants the apartment isn’t a “project,” it’s their home.

Through our preservation efforts, we provide support for the following:

  • Meal service
  • Service coordinators
  • Employment opportunities
  • Public spaces
  • Recreational initiatives
  • Educational programs
  • Social services

Impact on the Community

At the heart of each project undertaken by Community Preservation Partners is a strong desire to empower the people who live there.

We improve properties to make them safe, modern and convenient for young families and senior citizens.  When CPP completes a rehabilitation project, residents develop a new pride in their home and strengthen bonds with their neighbors.

Beyond our structural enhancements, CPP goes the extra mile to improve our tenants’ daily lives.  For each of our properties, we offer a scholarship program that helps send an exceptional student to college. The program promotes education within the community and expands opportunities for residents of affordable housing.


Impact on the Environment

Community Preservation Partners is dedicated to creating a more sustainable future. We improve affordable housing communities so they can run on renewable energy sources and save the tenants’ hard-earned money – all while creating local green jobs.

In addition to many other green initiatives, these improvements can include the installation of solar panels, which generate electricity at a much more affordable and sustainable manner than burning pollution-causing fossil fuels. By going solar, our tenants get to enjoy a cleaner and greener property and have money left over that would have previously gone to the power company.

One of our sustainability environmentally friendly projects in California earned a state environmental sustainability award. In 2014, CPP’s work on Coral Wood Court Apartments in Reseda, Calif., enabled low-income Reseda residents to use renewable energy and reduce their energy costs. This financed system uses price-indexed energy to guarantee energy savings to the host low-income housing community, versus standard utility rates. The system is expected to save more than $175,000 over 30 years.

In 2016, CPP’s partnership with Solar City brought renewable energy solutions to Arbor Terrace residents in Colton, Calif. The 129-unit affordable-housing community had an underutilized 2.2-acre parcel next to it, which was developed as a solar farm.

To learn more about CPP’s sustainability initiatives, contact Anand Kannan at 949.236.8278.

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