Meet the Executives

We are a team of dedicated professionals, committed to preserving affordability and enriching communities.

Anand - Head Shot

Anand Kannan

“As affordable housing rehabilitation specialists, we have a special opportunity to serve an array of constituents – investors, developers, nonprofits and, of course, the tenants. We don’t go at any deal alone. We solve the complex financial puzzles and provide realistic solutions that ultimately provide the greatest good for the property, our partners, and the residents.”

Jack - Head Shot

Jack Aronson

“I love bringing affordable housing solutions to fruition. Many property owners don’t realize that our brands of rehabilitation and recapitalization are a possibility, but we make their exits economically beneficial and bring a surety of closing that is unique in the industry.”

Karen Buckland

Karen Buckland

“Affordable housing serves as the backbone to any community. These are our first responders, our educators and our neighbors. Whether we are preserving affordability for young families or senior citizens, it is a privilege and professionally rewarding to help so many people on a daily basis.”

Seth - Head Shot

Seth Gellis

“I believe that as a mission-based developer, we are uniquely able to maximize value for sellers, our partners and the residents whose lives we impact. We always strive to do more, give more and listen more. By doing so, we have earned a reputation as a preeminent developer. It’s gratifying and refreshing in today’s day and age to offer a better living environment for our residents and that people still come first for us.”

Ben - Head Shot

Ben Cornejo

“There’s no better reward in my profession than seeing smiling residents when they receive the keys to their new home. It’s really an awesome sight. I love to be in an industry that makes a difference in the lives of those less fortunate.”

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